The Long-Term Effects of Measles Vaccination on Earnings and Employment: A Replication Study of Atwood (American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2022)


Atwood (2022) analyzes the effects of the 1963 U.S. measles vaccination on long-run labor market outcomes, using a generalized difference-in-differences approach. We reproduce the results of this paper and perform a battery of robustness checks. Overall, we confirm that the measles vaccination had positive labor market effects. While the negative effect on the likelihood of living in poverty and the positive effect on the probability of being employed are very robust across the different specifications, the headline estimate—the effect on earnings—is more sensitive to the exclusion of certain regions and survey years.

In Journal of Comments and Replications in Economics
Andreas Leibing
Andreas Leibing
Ph.D. Candidate

I’m an applied microeconomist with a particular interest in labor economics and the economics of education.